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Book Description

The Spirit of Sleep is a self-help book about how Glenda Sparling recovered from her two-decade insomnia. All those years, she had suffered deprivation of sleep as well as being dependent to drugs. However, these have come to an end as she discovers solutions as to how to break free with insomnia.

Book Description

In this book, she explains about how powerful or mind is; so powerful that we can bring about an implausible transformation within us. She enumerates an easy three-step solution that will surely achieve positive results as you follow them.

The Three Step Solution to Insomnia

Book Description
  • Embrace a desire to change.
    The first step she tells her readers in this book is to embrace one’s desire to change. Change may be a long journey but it is important to note that taking the first step would take you a long way. A desire to change would mean releasing embedded habits and mind sets that limits our growth as a person. Thus, in order for you to know and realize the strength of your potential as a person, you must be brave enough to take the first step to change.
  • Invest in your growth and potential.
    The goal of the Spirit of Sleep is actually directed to promoting an individual’s self-discovery. Embracing change will release you from self-pitying thoughts. As soon as you took the first step to change, it is now time to direct yourself to the path of wonders and challenges that would make you realize your problems that involve insomnia. This way, you will be able to gain courage in accepting your condition of sleeplessness. Relate your personal experiences to this book, and you will discover new things about your body, mind, and spirit. Open yourself to it and learn the essence of having a positive outlook in life. That way, you will be able to think and realize about the changes and improvements you need to take to improve your sleeping habits.
  • Take action.
    You will be able to find helpful recommendations in this book. It will point out to you that change really starts from within along with the desire for a new you. With this book, you will be able to discover techniques and skills that you should implement to yourself in order for you to have a positive change in your sleeping pattern. Although it is not necessary for you to follow all the suggested techniques in the book, but at least choose that which will suit your needs.

5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

When an individual will become aware and awaken or undergo the different stages of awakening, that’s the time when spiritual awakening happens. One will be more aware of him or self on a much higher and deeper level to what is real. He or she will start to feel more at one with self and everything that is surrounding him or her, will also feel more contented and at peace. To know if you are experiencing spiritual awakening, here are a few symptoms that you should know:

5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening
  1. You feel deep inner sadness for no probable reason. The cause of feeling this sadness is you are releasing the past. You are sad of the memories and experiences that you will leave behind, but this will eventually pass.
  2. It usually reveals different body pains and aches, most notably in the shoulder, neck and back. There is penetrating changes in your body’s DNA level as the “seed of Christ” is awakening within, and this shall also pass.
  3. You suddenly change your career or job is one common symptom. If this happens, things around you will also change. You may not have the perfect job or career as of the moment but this too shall pass. You’re currently in the transition stage and may undergo some more changes in your job before finally settling on something that will fit your passion.
  4. You cry for no probable reason and this is similar to number 1. Crying releases the old energy within you, which is good and healthy, and this shall also pass.
  5. You are having intense dreams. It can be battle and war, monster and chase dreams. You are releasing the old energies of the past within you, and this too shall pass.
5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

There are still many different symptoms of spiritual awakening, which may include tingling of hands or feet, changes in weight and eating habits, and many others. You should know that a spiritual awakening may take days, weeks or years for the process to be completed.