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How Ovulation can Trigger Insomnia

Have you ever wondered why there are days in a month where women suffer from insomnia? Ever wonder why for a couple of weeks a woman can sleep soundly at night and then the next night, her sleep is disturbed and she wakes up almost every hour or she just lays in her bed awake though she really want to sleep already?

How Ovulation can Trigger Insomnia

As you may know, insomnia occurs more in women compared to men. This is because of the women’s ovulation every month. Due to the rise and fall of the progesterone hormone in women, the sleeping pattern is disturbed. During menstruation, the progesterone (known to stimulate sleep) hormone drops and the estrogen (considered to be like an energy supplement of the body) spike up; thus, the difficulty in sleeping. That is also why women are rather quick tempered in certain days of the month (especially during her period): the fluctuations of hormones and the lack of sleep thereof.

However, the play of the hormones does not only happen in women’s menstrual cycle. The drop of the sleep-inducing hormone also happens during pregnancy especially during the first trimester and the last. And because of insomnia, the expectant mother is also quick tempered as she is often sleepy but cannot understand why she can’t sleep soundly at night.

Lastly, insomnia is also being experienced by women entering the menopausal stage of her life. Commonly, this occurs in the first phases of the menopause as this is the time when the ovulation is strongly fluctuating. However, if the ovulation of the woman is already stable and insomnia is still present, this may be caused by other symptoms.

Now, to combat insomnia while in ovulation, the woman must therefore exercise more, avoid alcoholic beverages and try to keep a sleep diary in order to determine if the insomnia is still because of ovulation or other factors.