Snoring Is Not Good

You are sleeping. All of a sudden you get disturbed by an irksome sound coming from your roommate, friend, or partner. Although it may seem harmless on the surface, you wonder – is snoring good for my roommate’s/friend’s/partner’s health? The answer is simply no. It is not good for anyone’s health.

Since snoring is not good for the health, let us know more about snoring in general before we talk about some remedies that could help alleviate it. Snoring is basically a sound produced by vibrating soft structures of the upper airway, which happens during inhalation. Any part of the airway that is membrane like could contribute to this vibration. When these muscle-like structures, such as the tongue, relax, it causes the airway to be smaller, thus the occurrence of snoring.

Snoring Is Not Good

Aside from more severe health issues, snoring causes loss of sleep and irritability more than most people realize. So here are a few tips that could help.

The easiest way to stop snoring is to change your sleep position. Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse and fall back, which stricken your airways, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. Thus, it is important to try sleeping on your side.

Snoring Is Not Good

Another thing you could do is to check your pillows because allergens in your bedroom and on your pillow may contribute to snoring, especially if you feel fine during the day and outside your room.

Lose weight because it helps. But this is not to say that thin people do not snore. The main thing really is that when you gain weight, it usually will add more mass to your neck, which will decrease the diameter of your throat and airways. Since snoring is mostly caused by stricken airways, additional mass around the neck is not a good thing.

When you are stressed out and have lots of things on your mind, you may have troubles in falling asleep. As this happens often, you may develop sleeping problems. According to the National Sleep Foundation, persistent sleeping problems can actually predispose you to psychological, physical, and performance problems. That is why it is very important that when you start experiencing this, you need to take measures that will help you sleep well during the night.

Sleeping Aids for a Better Sleep

Sleeping Aids for a Better Sleep
  • Air condition or anything that will cool down your room.
    It is not uncommon that a cold environment can actually make us feel sleepier. If you feel the need to retire to your bed in an hour or so, you may start cooling down your body by bringing down the temperature of your room.
  • Good and clean beddings
    Wondering why most of us sleep well in a hotel? Well, it’s because they have those cozy beddings and pillow. To add to its coziness, it is important that it should be cleaned regularly. Fluffy, hypoallergenic pillows and comforters are actually good sleeping aids in a cold bedroom.
  • Blinds or dark curtains
    More often than not, lights from outside of our window can make for a troublesome sleep. You should put up blinds or dark-colored curtains which will block the lights from the outside to achieve a dark room that is more conducive for sleeping.
  • Dim lightings
    If you cannot sleep in the dark, then dim lightings are very necessary for you to be able to sleep well. A cheaper way to achieve this is to buy dim lampshades or those lights that you will just plug in a socket. Remember, turning on the bright lights of your room can keep you awake since they can be irritable to the eyes.
  • Eye masks
    Eye masks are very effective in blocking out lights and to force yourself to close your eyes. You may not be able to sleep immediately but as long as you have a clear mind, sleep will visit you soon enough.
  • Relaxing music
    Just like when you are a baby, gentle and relaxing music can put you to sleep. Remember that even though rock music and R&B will clear your mind off from things, they won’t be able to help you to fall asleep.
  • Read spiritual books
    Reading spiritual books can help you relax your mind which will eventually put you to sleep. You should not read something that can stimulate your mind such as novels or any work-related since they can keep you awake all night.
  • Aromatherapy
    You need not to light a candle for this, buy household scent spray that has scents that will help you relax, such as lavender.
Sleeping Aids for a Better Sleep

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