Three Ways To Get Rid of Bad Dreams

It is inevitable to avoid bad dreams whether young or old. The worst thing is when morning comes, you feel the tension in your whole body and it will not leave, threatening you to go back to sleep. To get rid of bad dreams, try these tried and tested ways:

Regain Your Body

When you have a bad dream, you do not have to get up, just regain your body by stretching your legs and arms as far as it can reach and wiggle your toes and fingers slowly. As you regain your body by stretching and wiggling, breath and fill your lungs with air as much as it can hold and blow them out. Rub your arms, work your jaw and practice moving your hands. The idea of moving your whole body is to put off that bad dream that has been circulating your attention.

Make Noise

If you cannot get up, try to make some noise. As much as possible, talk loudly but if you do not want to wake up someone, have a music player or an iPod with headphones beside you. It does two important things: first, you can focus your mind by listening to happy songs. Second, music will allow your brain to engage in hearing and will keep you back to the real world.

Take Midnight Snacks

The last trick to get rid of bad dreams is by going to the kitchen and eat something tart, crunchy or cold. You can have a small amount of food like an apple, a glass of fruit juice or a piece or two of chocolates to allow your brain to engage in the activity. The main idea here is to engage your senses in action and it can be an excellent way to forget about the dream. A reminder, eat something that will not give you indigestion.

Three Ways To Get Rid of Bad Dreams

Finally, the main reason for these activities is to engage your senses and will let you back into the real world.

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